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Links to Help You Start Coding by azurethemes/salazharIn honor of opening my theme blog, I thought I’d make this post on learning how to code since many people ask where/how I started coding. This is not a tutorial on how to code a theme, but a list of resources on how to start learning HTML and CSS.
UNDERSTANDING HTMLThese websites are the one I used to learn and understand more about HTML and CSS. 
Code AcademyCode Academy teaches you HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and more interactively. Their tutorials are great for anyone of any age. This site is my favorite and I definitely recommend it.
w3Schoolsw3Schools is what I like to call my online glossary. It has literally everything you need to know.
MAKING TUMBLR THEMESThere are many great tutorials here on tumblr on creating your own theme. Here are a few:
By lmthemes
By farahmir
By themesbyeris
By ettudis
By howtomakeasimpletheme
By buildthemes
Tumblr has also provided us with a document on creating custom themes and I suggest going through it. 
USING BASE CODESIf you wanna start coding themes, but you don’t know where to start, I suggest using a base code. I have a masterpost of base codes here, but you will want to use base codes that come with instructions like these two [ one | two ] so it’s easier for you to customize and understand the theme.
CONCLUSIONAgain, this is just a list of resources to help you begin coding your own tumblr themes. I will release another resources list with more external links that provides you with tutorials to make your themes even better. This one is just to help you start out.
Please like/reblog this if you found it useful.If you have anymore questions on coding, feel free to ask me!

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I’m glad liking bad anime is punishable with jail time now